Computer-Based-Tests pack

The”Computer-Based-Tests pack” (CBT pack) is the training program designed for covering the learning needs of candidates in the computer-based multiple-choice tests (CBT), the first phase of the EPSO competitions for administrators (AD) in the EU institutions.

Training objective

As a result of participation in the training program “CBT” you will understand the nature of the computer-based multiple-choice tests and you will become aware of your level of performance in this phase of competition. Supported by the trainer you will set up a personal strategy for strengthening your reasoning cognitive skills and general competencies for successfully address the CBT stage.

Training pack content

The program sessions cover from theoretical perspective the cognitive reasoning skills (verbal, numerical and abstract) and the eight general competencies as defined by EPSO. Practical sessions are included. Each skill and competence is tested and evaluated through exercises and simulations of tests used in the CBT phase of the EPSO competitions.

The programme sessions are as follows:

1. Intro: The EPSO selection procedure

2. Computer-based multiple-choice tests (CBT)

2.1. Cognitive reasoning tests

  • The multiple intelligence and the IQ testing
  • ”Speeded tasks” and the speed of mental
  • We can improve our IQ scores?
  • What do the reasoning cognitive tests measure?
  • The structure of verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning EPSO tests
  • How do I prepare?
  • Methods for cognitive reasoning skills development
  • Techniques for increasing the speed of reading and calculation
  • Simulation of reasoning tests of verbal, numerical and abstract type
  • Correcting the tests and giving feedback.

2.2. Situational judgement tests

  • Nature of of the test
  • The general competencies to be assessed
  • Simulation of a test in English
  • Correcting the test and giving feedback
  • Tips and tests approach.


Number of hours of theoretical and practical training varies depending on the candidate’s profile and his development needs.

Based on an initial assessment we can agree a number of hours, which can be adjusted over time, taking into account the specific evolution.

Price and payment

The hourly fee is 30 Euro / hour. Price of the package results from multiplying the number of hours by the hourly rate.

You can pay in full or in installments.

Depending on the package price may be granted discounts.


Program available from 2015