Assessment Centre pack

“Assessment Centre pack” is the training program designed for covering the learning needs of candidates invited to the assessment center within an EPSO competition for administrators (AD) in the EU institutions.

Training objective

As a result of participation in this training program, the candidate will become familiar with the conduct of this phase and the requirements of each test. He/she will become aware of his/her general competencies status. Guided by the trainer, the candidate will draw up a strategy for strengthening his/her general competencies for successfully address the “evaluation centre” phase.

Training pack content

The modules of this package covers from theoretical point of view the eight general competencies as defined by EPSO. The modules explain in detail how these competencies are assessed by each test within the evaluation centre. Simulation of tests is an important component of the program.

With the exception of the group exercise, simulating structured interview, oral presentation and, where appropriate, the case study will be offered individually. When conducting the program in group, simulation tests shall be followed by offered feedback to each participant.

Pack modules are:

1. Intro: the EPSO selection procedures in the Evaluation centre phase

2. The eight general competencies to be assessed

  • Definitions
  • Theoretical issues
  • Appropriate behaviour
  • Inappropriate behaviour

3. Evaluation tests

Theoretical and practical issues

  • Case study – will be addressed depending on the domain
  • Structured interview
  • Oral presentation
  • Group exercice

Simulation on an individual basis of structured interview and oral presentation.

Simulation of the group exercise (where there are several candidates invited to the assessment center). Very detailed description of the test, group dynamics issues, etc.

Pitfalls and tips to address each test in the assessment center.


Number of hours of theoretical and practical training varies depending on the candidate’s profile and his development needs.

Based on an initial assessment we can agree a number of hours, which can be adjusted over time, taking into account the specific evolution.

Price and payment

The hourly fee is 30 Euro / hour. Price of the package results from multiplying the number of hours by the hourly rate.

You can pay in full or in installments.

Depending on the package price may be granted discounts.


Program available from 2015