For most general assessments, EPSO uses computer-based multiple-choice tests (CBT). 

Depending on the competition you have applied for (administrator/AD or assistant/AST) the tests may include a verbal reasoning test, a numerical reasoning test, an abstract reasoning test, a situational judgement test, test(s) of language skills and test(s) of specific professional skills.

Verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests are among the most popular psychometric intelligence (or IQ) tests used. Although it was accepted that IQ is inherited and remains constant throughout life, it is possible to improve your IQ score by practicing and learning to recognize the recurrent themes in these tests.

You cannot expect to obtain satisfactory results in the testing process without spending sufficient time practising and improving these skills.

You could try various free psychometric tests from JobTestPrep.

EPSO assessments require very specific skills development.

The verbal reasoning test

A verbal reasoning test is a psychometric test aimed at assessing your ability to think logically and understand verbal information.

This test consists of passages of text, followed by a number of statements. Your task is to evaluate which of the four statements given is most accurate in terms of the passage itself.

EPSO uses verbal reasoning tests in open competitions for administrators (AD) and assistants (AST). Get hold of EPSO AD Verbal Reasoning Tests and EPSO AST Verbal Reasoning Tests.


The numerical reasoning test

A numerical reasoning test is aimed at assessing your ability to think logically and understand numerical informa­tion.

This test consists of a series of graphics (charts) followed by a passage and five possible answers. Your task is to calculate the correct result.

You can develop your numerical reasoning skills with the EPSO Numerical Reasoning packages for both AST and AD levels. Packages are constantly updated and standardised by JobTestPrep.


The abstract reasoning test

An abstract reasoning test is used for assessing your ability to think logically and understand the relations between concepts involving nonverbal, spatial or numerical elements.

This test uses diagrammatic information to assess your inductive reasoning ability. Each question consists of a series of diagrams that follow a logical sequence or contain a set of underlying rules. The series read from left to right. Your task is to choose the next diagram in the series.

We recommend practising with EPSO Abstract Reasoning Test packages tailored for both AD and AST levels.

We recommend practising with EPSO Abstract Reasoning Test packages tailored for both AD and AST levels.

Accuracy and precision test

This is a test used in the EPSO open competitions for assistants. In order to be prepared for the test get hold of EPSO Accuracy and precision practice Tests.


EPSO Admission test practice packs

To be in shape for CBT we recommend the JobTestPrep’s packages for AD and AST open competitions.

The EPSO Administrator Practice Pack includes tests and tutorials for verbal, numerical, abstract and situational judgement tests. The package includes comprehensive explanations and solving tips as well as smart score reports.

The EPSO Assistant Practice Pack includes tests and tutorials for Numerical, Verbal, Abstract and Situational Judgement Tests as well as accuracy and precision tests and organising and prioritising tests. Similarly to the AD pack, the AST pack includes comprehensive explanations and solving tips and smart score reports.