To be successful in open competitions organized by European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) for the selection of officials in the EU institutions you should know the selection procedure and to prepare intensively in advance for each test.

In the two stages of the EPSO competition (admission and assessment center) candidates cognitive reasoning skills (verbal, numerical and abstract) and general competencies are tested.

EPSO Training packs

For those who want to prepare for the competition, to address each distinct stage of the contest or competition as a whole, we have prepared the following programs, which you can join by clicking the appropriate links:

  1. Computer Based Tests
  2. Assessment Centre
  3. Skills and Competencies
  4. Flexible.

To boost your chances of success in EPSO competitions for administrators (AD) – competition that starts annually in March/April – we recommend that you start preparation five months before i.e. from November for the next year.

EPSO competitions for administrators (EU officials) are open to candidates from all 28 EU Member States, leading to a huge competition and a very high level of difficulty.

Candidates native skills generally do not ensure the success in such competitions of over 100-200 candidates/post. The candidates should become familiar with the typology of tests and be trained for a while to reach recognizing the recurring themes and develop their general competencies.