QualiTrainer provides the following services:

  • career counseling, particularly related to the positions in the EU institutions and agencies,
  • training for the open competitions organized by EPSO,
  • economic consultancy and management services for EU funded projects.

Career counseling

EU offers varied opportunities for professional development within its institutions and agencies.

We try to evaluate the profile of those interested in European careers and help them to identify the category of posts fitting this profile.

We identify the strengths and weaknesses of the candidate and we propose a customized training package that offers him/her prospects for success in the concerned competition.

Training for EPSO competitions

Competitions organized by EPSO are difficult by their complexity and the large number of candidates registered for a post (actually, a place on the reserve list for a post).

The complexity of the EPSO competitions results from assessing of rational and emotional intelligence in two stages by at least eight separate tests which runs the clock. Given the advantages of the European public career there are hundred / hundreds valid applications per seat.

Experienced in EPSO competitions and having worked in European institutions, we propose you preset training programs (“standard”, “admission” and “assessment” packs) or a flexible training program tailored to your profile and targeted job.
We offer flexibility in delivering training sessions: in the classroom or online on the candidate convenient schedule.

Economic consultancy and project management

Our consulting services are aimed at those interested in accessing European funds for financing projects and those interested in operational and financial management of these projects. We are relying on our team experience in the management and public audit of EU funded projects.